the shit list

Andrew Bolt

I’m not sure what still needs to be said about Bolt; he’s a specific kind of hypocritical conservative who claims to be preserving social systems that have stood the test of time but who really only seeks to conserve the systems that allow for the gross accumulation of privilege and power. His writing is one of the things that motivated me to blog… I do believe he has a right to speak and the web gives people like me a chance to respond.

Optus Sport

I moved from a brilliant and cheap mobile provider (vaya) to Optus in August last year so I could indulge in some Premier League. Since then Optus have consistently been billing me for the data that Optus Sport uses on my phone. Yes, I have called them, yes they keep promising to fix it; no they never have.

With the relative ease of streaming live football these days, I can’t recommend anyone take on the Optus package.