Good Life

The Good Life

                                                                                This is my life, and this is my time,
I have been given the freedom
to do as I see fit

So what do I think constitues the ‘Good Life’? There is no simple explanation that I have figured out, but I think the perfect world would be centred on three concepts: Honesty, Courage and Beauty.

Honesty is central, for without it you have no trust, and with no trust nothing relative has any meaning.

Courage is central because fear is the mind killer, courage allows one to live life fully, nothing is more stunting than fear.

Beauty is that intangibility that is deeply attractive. It is of the utmost imprtance because it provides inspiration and validation. Some people find their beauty in God, or gods, others in philosophy, others in love. It is what you would live and die for.

For me these three concepts are co-dependent, I’m not sure one can exist without the other two. Honesty and courage are fairly universal concepts to build a world view upon, but beauty is certainly subjective in this world. It is identifying or creating something universally beautiful that is the crux of politics (everything else is mechanics).