An email I sent in Feb 2003 about the prospective war on Iraq (and my mate Paul’s hilarious response)

Don’t worry, Paul and I had it out, and I won. We’re still great friends.

paul <**********>
To:Tauel <**************>
Date:Mon, Feb 24, 2003 9:54 am

I would like to get together and nullify your arguments 🙂 hahha.  I find the
level of hypocracy exhibited by anti war types to be almost unbearable.  Im in
town now – when i get a car soon i will drive on up and we can have a punch up
over this 😀

later mateee


Quoting Tauel Harper <>:

> Hello!
> This is just a note to let everyone I know know that I’ve moved into a place
> of my own, and to pass on my address and telephone number should anyone want
> to chat, write or visit. I am now the proud owner/occupier of
**********redacted 🙂 ***********
> I apologise to those who haven’t seen or heard from me lately – you’re part
> of a vast majority. On top of the moving I’ve been busy doing my PhD
> -hopefully I’ll be finished halfway through 2004 and I’ll be able to rejoin
> the real world.
> My thesis is on political theory, and more specifically, it is an
> investigation into the critical faculties of democratic systems. To put it
> simply I’m investigating why democratic governments often fail to act
> rationally and am in turn trying to suggest some mechanisms to make the
> outcomes of democratic procedures more legitimate. Sounds thrilling huh?  
> This stuff currently takes up about 16 hours of my every day, and you can be
> sure that part of doing this is keeping abreast of current goings on in world
> politics. I participate in various on-line academic discussion groups as a
> way of doing this – usually these groups involve fine-hair splitting over
> improbably irrelevant details – but the other day I got a message with this
> little passage in it:
> “We can exchange this information amongst each other, but perhaps we ought
> think in a more organic and global scope.  It only does so much good for us
> to whine to each other and debate theory in regard to the forthcoming
> genocide, when there are so many out there who are simply uninformed as to
> what the Bush administration is perpetrating.”
> Studying what I study, working at the politics department of a university,
> corresponding with political analysts and theorists all over the world, I
> have encountered an almost unanimous condemnation of the actions of Bush,
> Blair and Howard. And this is amongst a peer group that prides itself on its
> ability to diversify and defend various positions; we are not all liberals,
> or conservatives, but a cadre of people who make money by disagreeing with
> each other. Given this, let me assure you the consensus on this issue is
> remarkable. Hence, I’m remarking on it. As so called political ‘leaders’,
> Bush, Howard and Blair have disgraced themselves; playing base populist
> politics and failing to display signs of basic morality.
> The attached document is one of the more pertinent critiques of the current
> situation. It’s strength is undermined by the rhetoric of party-politics, but
> many of the conclusions are reasonable, and it has the added legitimacy of
> coming out of the U.S. Senate. If anyone wants to explore the arguments
> further they should let me know.
> Unless you have a private bunker, own an oil company, or your wealth is more
> important to you than human life, this is an irrational war. Unfortunately it
> appears it is just the above type of people that the U.S., Australia and
> Britain have in political power right now. I don’t expect many of us have
> been fooled into believing in this war, but we should do everything we can,
> whatever that is, to stop this killing being committed in our name. If we
> don’t this war has the very real potential to be the first link in a chain of
> escalating confrontation and violence that will endanger us all. I wouldn’t
> have bothered you with all this if I wasn’t serious or worried about this as
> a real possibility. Now seems to be the time to push for change, and if its
> the best chance I have of seeing you alive and happy, then I thought I ought
> to let you know.
> All the best,
> Tauel Harper xxx