This site is for me to experiment with web design, analytics and writing. For now, it’s going to be a repository for absent minded rants, cheap cross promotion, communicative experiments and embarassing juveneillia. Enjoy.


A rambling post about an economic paradox and excessive military spending

I’ve had the last 6 months off academia and haven’t been a great blogger in that time. Instead I’ve been parenting, renovating, exploring dreams and occasionally writing something strange, like the following post. This post explores what I think is weird market behaviour when it comes to cost and value… drawing a very long bow …

What the media isn’t telling you about Scott Morrison

Ever wondered why the ‘mainstream media’ (MSM) has gone so easy on Scott Morrison and the LNP this election? ‘What’ you say? I thought they were remarkably even handed, he’s had some quite uncomfortable moments, and lost every debate! Yes, MSM has gone incredibly soft on him (double entendre intended). In this post I’m going …


Reviews are all about perspective

  • We need to talk about ‘Stranger Things’
    I finished watching Stranger Things during the week, it was very enjoyable; even if the ending felt just a little downbeat. Max is a great character – eminently relatable – so it sucked to see her end up in such a bad way . I loved the fact that a new generation ...
  • What I thought of ‘Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind’ by Yuval Noah Harari
    Sapiens is one of those books that I’ve seen being read everywhere. As in, every time you’re on public transport or at a beach, someone seems engrossed in it. There have been a few of these books in my time, such as The Celestine Prophecy, The Secret, Bohos in Paradise, Sophie’s Choice and everything by ...
  • What I thought of ‘The Memory Code’ by Lynne Kelly
    Honestly, this was a book I’ve been looking forward to reading for about a year and it did not disappoint me. It presents a basic argument that the odd structuring of various ancient monuments and artwork is actually attributable to the fact that these once operated as technologies to encode cultural memories. Kelly’s book speaks about quite ...
  • Hannah Gadsby’s ‘Nanette’ – musings on comedy, stories, art and connection
    Hannah Gadsby and images of thought So, I went to see Hannah Gadsby on Saturday night. It was one of the best hours of entertainment I’ve ever seen… but not because it was funny. It was raw, emotional and incredibly thought provoking. It was obliterating comedy and I’d like to think through some of the issues she ...
  • ‘Zombie Capitalism’ by Chris Harman
    Wow, this was a long and sometimes arduous read. Zombie Capitalism is an orthodox marxist account of the repeated crises of capitalism. Written by Chris Harman, who is a maxist of some repute, I read the book hoping to see how the Zombie trope was employed to explain/confront capitalism. In 360 odd pages, Zombies were not mentioned, ...
  • ‘The Comming Community’ by Georgio Agamben
    Because of the need to return the book to the library, I spent yesterday reading ‘The Comming Community’ by Agamben. Translated by Micheal Hardt, who worked with the other prominent recent Italian theorist Antonio Negri on ‘Empire’, I  initially started reading this book because I felt it might be useful for one of my PhD students, ...
  • ‘Disconnected’ by Carrie James
    I’ve just finished reading ‘Disconnected: Youth, New Media and the Ethics Gap’ by Carrie James. James has taken a ‘glass half empty’ approach to how the internet is reconfugiring ethics in this crazy, mixed up world. I have to say, the book is largely empirical – James directly describes the ethical dilemmas and work around that ...
  • What I thought of ‘Move Fast and Break Things’ by Jonathan Taplin
    When Jon Taplin appeared on ABC’s Nightline a couple of months ago I had a string of recommendations to engage with his work – notably from my mum and Joe Hutton – as well as colleagues at UWA. After reading his latest book “Move fast and break things” I understand why. Taplin explores the effect of ...
  • What I think of Ryan Holiday’s ‘Trust Me, I’m Lying’
    I’ve just finished what I have to get done before tomorrow and both my kids are still having their afternoon nap. Gold. After the last post about identity politics I have reflected more on that topic and decided that I’d like to write more about it, as a way of exploring my own ideas and also ...

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Firstly, my attempt to use Tumblr to help my good friend Paul escape Hong Kong

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Check out my travel diary from 1999 to witness my blatant over use of the terms ‘amazing’ and ‘incredible’.

This isn’t mine – was written by a friend – but this blog details the heroic events of a DND campaign I was once involved with. This one is a Star Wars RPG campaign that eventually followed it.

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