This site is for me to experiment with web design, analytics and writing. For now, it’s going to be a repository for absent minded rants, cheap cross promotion, communicative experiments and embarassing juveneillia. Enjoy.


Private: The ideal speaking space

The ideal speaking position is an attempt to formulate a communicative situation where differences can be reconciled in order to find truth.

The basic conditions of ideal speech are:

  1. that anyone can speak
  2. that all claims made during the discussion need to be discursively redeemed – that is people need to keep explaining their argument and why they believe in it until all other participants can understand the argument (and the ideas and assumptions it rests upon)
  3. that all participants remain committed to achieving an understanding and make decisions based upon that understanding.

Simple, huh?

Well it has always struck me that the internet is ideal for this kind of thing – for various reasons (infinite space, asynchronous distanced communication); so now I have a space on the internet – I wanted to make a place for ideal speech.

So what to do? If you have a question you want the answer to, then ask it here and, together, we’ll try and use the rules of ideal speech to come to the best answer.

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Here you will find a bunch of writing and photos from my youth. Most of which is embarrassing.

Previous Experiments in Web Design:

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Other pieces of old writing and diarising

If you want to see what travel was like before the internet; you can download a pdf (24Mb) of my first hitch-hiking trip around Britain and Ireland (and Thailand).