This site is for me to experiment with web design, analytics and writing. For now, it’s going to be a repository for absent minded rants, cheap cross promotion, communicative experiments and embarassing juveneillia. Enjoy.


What I thought of ‘The Memory Code’ by Lynne Kelly

Honestly, this was a book I’ve been looking forward to reading for about a year and it did not disappoint me. It presents a basic argument that the odd structuring of various ancient monuments and artwork is actually attributable to the fact that these once operated as technologies to encode cultural memories. Kelly’s book speaks …

Hannah Gadsby’s ‘Nanette’ – musings on comedy, stories, art and connection

Hannah Gadsby and images of thought So, I went to see Hannah Gadsby on Saturday night. It was one of the best hours of entertainment I’ve ever seen… but not because it was funny. It was raw, emotional and incredibly thought provoking. It was obliterating comedy and I’d like to think through some of the …


Here you will find a bunch of writing and photos from earlier. Most of which is embarrassing.

Previous Experiments in writing and web design:

Firstly, my attempt to use Tumblr to help my good friend Paul escape Hong Kong

Secondly, a wix site I created to generate charity donations for my Ironman in 2014.

More embarassingly, my first website from when I taught myself html waaaay back in my early days of using the internet.

Check out my travel diary from 1999 to witness my blatant over use of the terms ‘amazing’ and ‘incredible’.

This isn’t mine – was written by a friend – but this blog details the heroic events of a DND campaign I was once involved with. This one is a Star Wars RPG campaign that eventually followed it.

And, if you want to see what travel was like before the internet; you can

download a pdf (24Mb)

of my first hitch-hiking trip around Britain and Ireland (and Thailand).